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Herbalist Consultations

Come meet with our certified Herbalist to develop a personalised and natural approach for your well being.

The primary purpose of this consultation is to assess your needs or concerns and to be able to come up with a herbal , nutritional , and lifestyle protocol in order to support your health and well-being going forward.

Some of the more frequent health challenges that can be addressed in the consultation include , but are not limited to digestive issues , stress , sleep , immunity , pain and inflammation. These protocols can also be part of an integrative approach ; blending natural medicine with conventional medicine , for the best outcome. Healing depends on the work that the individual is willing to do, and the intention they bring to their own healing , we will meet you at where you are and personalise your protocol to meet your goals.

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Herbalist Follow Up Appointments

A follow up consultation after initial consultation is recommended in most cases. This is to ensure that the desired results are occurring. For optimal results , a re-assessment can allow for any adjustments to the herbal formulation or protocol.

If you or your herbalist decide a follow up is best , please use the button below to schedule.

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